Online Services

Sunday Morning Worship, 11am

Join us on Zoom – ID# 84604698009, or Facebook Live.
Fellowship following service – have lunch and converse with us online.

Thursday Night Bible Study, 7pm

Join us on Zoom – ID# 84604698009

Our Core Values

Family – Our worship experience & faith should reflect care those who rely on us.

Community – Our faith should compel action & involvement in the lives of others.

Leadership– We are committed to training to develop leaders and Disciples of Christ.

Our Mission:

Making the way of salvation known, growing in the knowledge of Christ and equipping believers to impact the world.

Our Vision:

To heal and develop a flourishing community touched by God’s love. To see a community of disciples transformed and equipped to make daily and life decisions informed by God’s word. To train leaders to produce new leaders to advance God’s work of salvation.

What type of Church are we?

We are an externally focused ministry. We care for individuals, families, and the community they live in. We are committed to being salt and light to our city and the world around us.

We believe that the inherent dignity of every human being should encourage us to act. Since we are created in the image of God, we must work to advocate for the weak and poor, preach the gospel and respond to the needs of our world.

Reverend Rodney Singleton

Pastor Rodney Singleton
Rev. Rodney Singleton has severed for over 20 years in a vast number of ministry roles. Serving as Youth minister has humbled his heart and driven his passion for young kids throughout the community. His service as a Sunday school teacher, associate, assistance pastor as well as senior pastor has prepared him for the journey and call to plant Christ Point Community Church. While serving in the community as a chaplain with Baylor Scott and White Health, pastor Singleton has developed unique relationships with other faith leaders as well as with the community. Both his education and community involvement has enabled him to identify special needs in the community of South Dallas and how to partner with other churches to leverage resources. He began Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Baylor Hospital and completed CPE training with UT Southwest Hospital Dallas and earned a Master of Divinity in chaplaincy and biblical study at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

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Why a church plant? People are always curious, to why a new church? They ask, “Is there really a need to organize another church today?” Many of our well-educated scholars, missiologist, and evangelist have published well-documented data, that demonstrates the decline of the church. Many of our young adults and college-age student no longer see the relevance of church; They struggle with connecting theology with how they live and behave. Too often Christian’s belief doesn’t transform to how they live and make decisions. As a result, the church has lost her influence and has gotten into a credibility crisis.

Moreover, the average believer isn’t capable of articulating the basis of their faith or explaining to others why they believe. This is occurring at a time in which many are experiencing an identity crisis and are in search of the truth. I have responded to a burden and call to reach a generation of “unchurch” and those who have experienced neglect or encountering challenges trusting the reliability of God’s word and the church. I envision healing our community, seeing lives transformed into the image of Christ, and training leaders to produce new leaders, to advance Gods work of redemption and salvation.

Program Highlight
Men’s Discipleship

The men’s club is an open men’s Christian group, whose goal is to mentor both young and older men in experiencing what it truly means to be a man from a biblical standpoint. Participants learn about the myths and popular ideas that are false claims about manhood. There are four target areas the group is committed to, these describe our values:

  • God first – We seek to honor and please God who manifested himself in Christ Jesus
  • Family – We are committed to those that close to us depends on us.
  • Community – We are dedicated to civic study and demonstrating our love by serving the community needs
  • Education – We are committed to the process of discipleship, growing and developing both spiritually and physically

Connecting with the Community

… Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into… Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper (Jeremiah 29:7 NIV).

Connecting with the community is a natural reaction from servants of God whom are committed to the welfare of others and love the people in which the Lord has surrounded them. As the gospel message of Jesus Christ is preached, we work to bring hope and resources to our community. We envision our community growing stronger together and becoming a thriving force, producing happy and healthy people that develop useful life skills for success through discipleship/ life skill programs.

Community in the bible often conveys the idea connecting with one another with a sense of care and responsibility toward another. A thriving community must see itself as a family with shared goals and values to grow healthy together.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life in those of our community, bring peace, health, and restore it to honor.

Health Ministry

FCH Volunteer Program

Our outreach ministry train faith communities to assist and accompany members in our community that struggle with chronic illness by visiting, calling via phone, and befriending them in a time of need. Volunteers are trained by a Baylor chaplain or other professional apart of Baylor’s Faith Community Health team. Volunteers learn how to provide supportive care to hospital discharged patients, protect patients privacy, and complete after visit reports, in which the patients’ medical provider is furnished information critical in providing quality patient care in the future.

How does this benefit the church? Pastors and faith leaders experience shared responsibility and empower the church in extending its walls beyond the church walls. The pastor shouldn’t have to take on visitation alone. In addition, the church is connected to people in the community that may not be connected with them.

Health Discussions / Seminars

Baylor Scott & White Health and Wellness community health works provide health discussions designed to educate and provide preventive care and self- management to those with various chronic illness. This empowers the community with the tools needed to make healthy decisions about eating habits for health and wellness.

Health Resources